Advertising in metro St. Petersburg

Large-format light boxes

Different by format light boxes, located in indoor subway. Used for advertising of major brands and retailers. Depending on the design features of each individual advertising carrier the image for the placement may be made on the translucent film or a banner, as well as laminated backlit.

The cost of advertising on large-format light boxes

Attention! Prices are valid for 2017 and include VAT (18%)

Stations Size, m. / price, rub.
Avtovo, Narvskaya, Baltiskaya, Chernischevskaya, Lesnaya, Vyborgskaya, Ploschad Myzhestva, Kupchino, Sennaya ploschad, Nevsky prospect, Gorkovskaya, Chernaya rechka, Zvezdnaya, Gostiny Dvor, Vasileostrovskaya, Lomonosovskaya, Proletarskaya, Ylitsa Dybenko, Novocherkasskaya, Prospect Bolshevikov 2,5×1,0
77 000
Vyborgskaya, Grazhdansky prospect, Politehnicheskaya, Ylitsa Dybenko, Sadovaya 3,0×1,5
113 300
Novocherkasskaya, Sadovaya, Ladozhskaya 5,0×1,6
163 900

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